Globiots Architecture

A Global IoT platform allows customer easily connect their machine/process/people to Internet for Data Analytic & Visulization.



– Those are real equipments of customers, will be connected to Globiots via a gateway;
– The gateway can be either an out-of-box device or an embedded module or a software installed in the controller of equipment;


Gateway can be a hardware device or a software installed in a device. The functions of gateway is:

  • data logging;
  • alarm processing;
  • event processing;
  • allow remote configuration & health diagnostic;
  • internet connection via: WAN like Cellular or LAN like Ethernet, WiFi

The gateway can be deployed in the following ways:

  • Out-of-box Device, for example: iConnector from Daviteq Solution Department.
  • Embedded Module/Board;
  • Virtual iConnector – a gateway software run on many platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, embedded Linux…supports DRM and open Iot protocols;


Globiots supports the following communication:

Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G), Ethernet, WiFi, Satellite

Supported protocols

    • DRM – a fast & secured procotol over IP developed by Daviteq for very low bandwith network like 2G/GPRS;
    • Open protocols will be added into system in near future: MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, Restful…

Data Engine Servers

A cluster of servers have the following functions:

  • Device Authentication & Secutiry
  • Data encoding & decoding
  • Data compression and decompression
  • Data Processing (virtual parameters…)
  • Soft-processing Alarm & Event
  • Time synchronization for Device
  • Accept multi protocols
  • Load balancing
  • Realtime data forwarding

Security Cluster

  • Handling all the security of system

Data Storage Cluster

  • Time-seri data storage
  • System Data Storage

Data Analytic Cluster

  • Basic Data analytics
  • Complexed Data analytics

RestAPI Cluster

  • Restful API for connection to Application software
  • Data is raw data or analyzed data

SMS Gateway

  • Handling all the incoming and outgoing sms messages of the system
  • SMS is used to notify alerts to users or communication to devices

Pushed Data Websocket Streams

  • These streams allow system to push Realtime data, or alerts notification (includes alarms, events) to application software

Monitoring System

  • To monitor all the activities of system: server, services, communication…


iConfig is a system application for Device management, SIM management, Data management & Analytic Management, Administration. It has the following functions:

  • Device management: activation, configuration, health monitoring…
  • SIM management (for cellular Gateway)
  • Data management: search/query data, data export (data view in Table, Trending & Widgets). Data sources are from realtime stream or Database. Data can be from real parameter or virtual parameter
  • Data analytic Rules Configuration
  • Alarm & Event configuration & management
  • SMS Configuration
  • Administration: account, role, group, user


Vizuo is a Visualization Software for end-customers to visualize raw Data, analyzed Data, Alarm & Events on the Dashboard about their real worlds. They can even get the Reports automatically in scheduled time.
Vizuo are in 02 form:

  • Web-based application;
  • Mobile application runs on Android, iOS…

Main functions of Vizuo:

    • Dashboard: displays realtime data, raw data, analyzed data, remote control widgets…
    • Report & Export: to view the data in a form of report. The reports can be exported to excel file, csv file, pdf file.
    • Historical trending: allow customers manipulate their data in graphic trends. The trends can be exported as csv file.
    • Alarm Management: allow customers to config and view the alarms. Alarms can be exported to excel file.
    • Event Management: allow customers to config and view the events. Events can be exported to excel file.

Administration: allow customers to administ their user, role & group

3rd-party Application Software

  • These applications will be developed by partners or customers. They will connect to globiots system via 02 ways: Restful API and Pushed data web-socket stream
  • The application will be developed based on the specific requirement of each vertical market. Therefor it will be more powerful than the Vizuo software
  • We are highly welcoming the partners and application developers to co-operate with us in developing the powerful applications for many vertical markets