It’s no secret that technology is dramatically transforming the manufacturing arena. We’re witnessing a new industrial revolution, led by a dynamic set of trends and pushed forward by digital disruptors. The ground is shifting beneath manufacturers – and the companies that build the machines they use.

One new emerging area that promises to deliver powerful new capabilities to both manufacturers and to the machine builders that supply them is connected machines. Connected machines use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to connect machines and factory robots beyond the plant floor, all the way to the machine builders that created them.

Sharing data with people who know the machine best can create new opportunities for machine builders as well as manufacturers. Companies can set up and install machines more quickly. Manufacturers can partner with machine builders to spot problems before they occur, so they can schedule maintenance before operations are interrupted. And if an issue does emerge, manufacturers and machine builders can track down the source of the problem faster and repair it more quickly.

In this paper, we’ll talk about how the rich Cisco® portfolio of solutions can help manufacturers and machine builders move forward on the connected machines journey. We’ll explore some of the trends shaping manufacturing digitization and the value that machine-embedded solutions offer. We’ll also discuss some of the business outcomes that organizations can realize along each stage of the connected machines path.

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