Solution: Remote Management

Country: Burundi, Africa

Company: Viettel Burundi / Lumitel

Summary: Lumitel uses Globiots to monitor remotely Fuel consumption and Genset status of 262 BTS stations in Burundi to make sure effective energy usage and to prevent fuel theft.


  • Fuel theft detection instantly
  • Less service trip to field
  • Monitor electricity quality continuously
  • Effectively manage generator efficiency


Lumitel, the major telecommunication company in Burundi, has trusted Daviteq to supply remote energy management system for 262 Base Transceiver Stations all around Burundi. The system monitors fuel consumption of generator and generated electricity to make sure fuel and electricity are used effectively.


In Burundi, national power network covers limited area. Most BTS stations are powered by generators in nearly 24h a day. Headquarter encounters problem in managing generated electricity and fuel consumption of generator in these stations. Finding out fuel theft from these stations is also the problem. Data of generated electricity and fuel consumption are collected manually. The data are discontinued and unreliable. In addition, quality of generated electricity is not monitored continuously and the warnings of electricity quality are not solved quickly. The poor quality of electricity might harm telecommunication devices in these stations


In each mobile base station, a power meter and a fuel level sensor of generator are connected to a Daviteq iConnector through RS485 port. iConnector logs data from the sensor and the meter and store them in its memory. Logged data in iConnector is periodically transmitted through cellular network (GPRS/SMS) to Globiots, a Daviteq platform to remotely connect devices and sensor. In case of alarm or event, iConnector send them instantly to Globiots. Configuration of device, parameter, alarm and event are set remotely.  Lumitel application software accesses Globiots database through API to collect data for their own viewing, warning, monitoring and reporting.

iConnector in genset

IoT Cellular Gateway – iConnector install in Genset

Bill of Material

  • Smart Fuel Level Sensor with RS485/ModbusRTU output, Model: PulseCAP10, Maker: Daviteq
  • Single Phase Power Meter with RS485/ModbusRTU output, Model: PM128, Maker: Daviteq
  • IoT Cellular Gateway, Model: iConnector, Maker: Daviteq
  • Server System with pre-installed Globiots, on-premised Package