Solution: Production Monitoring

Country: Vietnam, Asia

Company: Bach Tung Mechanics & Construction Co., Ltd.

Summary: Bach Tung Company uses Globiots to monitor the production & alarm status of CNC Machining Centers.


  • Automatic report operation time: Production, Standby, Setup & Alarm for each shift.
  • Statistic Alarms.
  • Instant alert for any alarm of machine


Bach Tung Mechanics & Construction Company is an innovative mechanics company in Vietnam, having  7  years  experience  in  machinery  processing  for Japanese  companies  in  Viet  Nam’s  Industrial  Parks  and Export  Proccessing  Zones,  they  are  non-stop  improving  to bring the customers better and better products and services. Throughout many years, they are always learning, researching, and  investing  in machinery and technology,  improving the working staff’s knowledge to give the customers gratification. They realise the benefits of IoT for their operation.


They had invested a lot of money recently for many 5-axis CNC machines, they want to have a tool to help them record continuously the operation of the machine and workers behaviour. The tool will produce for them the report of operation time like production time, standby time, setup time, alarm time and statistic of alarms. From these reports they can optimise their operation and increase workers skills & discipline. These actions will lead to cost reduction, downtime reduction, increasing life time of machine.


Daviteq Solution Department uses Globiots technology to solve the challenge for Bach Tung by installing the iConnector with I/O Module. The I/O module will connect to CNC machine to read the status. Each CNC machine is installed one system like this. All the iConnector will connect to platform via GPRS. Bach Tung can monitor the CNC machines in realtime, receive the alarm notification. Every morning, the system will email the report to them.


IoT Cellular Gateway – iConnector install on CNC Machine

Bill of Material

  • 8-channel I/O Module, Model: …, Maker: Daviteq
  • IoT Cellular Gateway, Model: iConnector, Maker: Daviteq
  • Cloud Globiots Services